We provide the most useful content. Our trading school collaborates with many trading instructors and carefully selects the best quality training programs.

Only practice. No theoreticians. All our teachers are experienced traders who show profitable trading results over a long time span.

We believe in our students. The best students get real trading accounts on RT or Sterling Trader Pro platforms.

NYSE Initial Point


6 lessons

Access to trading community.

This course will allow you to build a clear logical cause-effect structure of understanding the stock market. The main advantage is brevity and concentration of information.

NYSE Professional


6-8 lessons

Personal support and consultations.

This program is aimed at understanding the market structure and internal mechanisms that determine the state of market and the nature of its movements.

Pump & Dump


5 modules, 3-4 lessons each

Allows you to earn 30-50-100%.

One of the easiest speculative strategies for earning money on inexperienced players. This strategy has a high yield, sometimes reaching X10.

NYSE Intraday


4 lessons

Simple and understandable algorithm for beginners.

A trading system with a positive mathematical expectation, which allows you to take profit from the market almost every trading session.

NYSE Earnings


6 modules, 4-5 lessons each

Joint trading and analysis of companies and their reports.

Seasonal course, especially useful for traders who want to keep in line with modern technologies and trends in the world economy.

Order Imbalance


5 lessons

Best for a tight schedule.

One of the oldest and most stable strategies based on market inefficiency. It is recommended to have trading experience, strategy is not suitable for beginners.