NYSE Intraday

NYSE Intraday - a trading system with a positive mathematical expectation, which allows you to take profit from the market almost every trading session.

We select active stocks, analyze, look for entry points, take profit.

The system is used by all Fondexx prop traders.

Advantages of NYSE Intraday

The system provides flexible position control rules and adaptive outputs.

The system provides a simple and understandable algorithm of actions, which can be used even by beginners, thus solving the issue of discipline in trading.


Course info:


6 lessons

Simple and understandable algorithm for beginners.


Initially, the course gave me an idea of how to trade in the first hour of the opening session and how to catch traffic. Some traders recommend not to trade during the first half an hour after opening, but it turns out that you can trade if you know the principle of finding a trade, entering and exiting the position at the right time. After the course trading has become an exciting simulator of intelligence and psychology for me.Trading stocks is a kind of business training. Thank you for your efforts.