NYSE Initial Point

NYSE Initial Point is a basic stock trading course for beginners. The course was recently updated and rebuilt so that you get exactly the information you need at the initial stage. We divided the information into separate simple elements so that you understand the logic of the processes and the US stock market does not seem to be a “black box”. This course will give answers to the questions - how quotes appear; who influences them and how; what happens to your order after pressing a button in the trading terminal; why some trading strategies work, while others do not.

Knowledge and skills you will gain during the course:

  • Trading as a business - how to make money on the exchange, who makes money on the exchange.
  • How the stock market works - what functions are performed by a broker, ECN, exchange and clearinge.
  • The fundamental differences between the stock market and the Forex market..
  • Market participants - large players and how they affect the price.
  • How to work with trading platform - you will be able to buy and sell stocks, work with limit orders.
  • You will understand what is happening with your transaction when you click “Buy” or “Sell” button in the trading terminal.

Course info:


6 lessons

Access to trading community.


I had some experience trading Forex and decided to try the stock market. Initial Point is a good course for beginners. I already knew some things, but there were also moments that opened my eyes on how this market works. I expected that I would be taught only how to trade stocks, but apart from that I learned a lot of useful facts about the investment business.