Methodology of Successful Trading

The webinar will help to understand how to approach different trading strategies, where to look for opportunities to gain profit, and also to get rid of misconceptions and inadequate perception.

The success of our company directly depends on the profitability of our traders. Therefore, the webinar is recommended to all newcomers, as well as people who do not know how to develop further in trading. 

In plain language and without irrelevant information we will explain:  

- Where does the profit come from.  Any profitable trading system is based on a correct analysis of the microstructure of the market and work with positive expectation.  We will disassemble under a microscope and logically substantiate all elements of the trading system.  This will help you to understand whether you are on the right road or in your trading you need to change something.   

- How and by whom the market is formed, how the pricing is determined, whether it is possible to identify a big player at the market – we will look at the examples together.   

- Trading strategies that bring profit at the stock market.  The essence of each strategy.  How and where to get quality training on these strategies.   

- Does the technical analysis work at the stock market?  Does the technical analysis work at all? 


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