Learn how to work with the STT Web platform

Getting acquainted with the Sterling Trader Web trading platform is a necessary step for starting work at the US stock market. 

During the webinar, you will learn and start working with the simplest yet functional STT Web platform, which is perfect for beginning traders and medium-level traders.  For all participants of the webinar a Bonus is provided.

Sterling Trader Web (STT Web) - platform designed by the world's largest provider of software for trading at the stock market.


The webinar will be useful for:

- Beginners and medium-level traders. 

- The participants of the NYSE Initial Point course. 

- Those who have experience trading at Forex-terminals.


During the webinar you will learn:

- What markets are accessible from the platform and what tools you can use for trading.

- What windows and functions are situated in the terminal and what they are used for. 

- How to customize the layout of the platform. 

- How to work with charts. 

- How to read and analyze Market depth data (Level II)

- How to set up the Watch List. 

- How to work with pending orders, open and close transactions. 

- How to use the analytical block - a news line.


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