Introduction to the fundamental analysis

During the webinar you will learn how the company's key reports are analyzed, what you should take into account first and what conclusions you can derive from such analysis.  You can observe examples of the fundamental factors influence on the price of stocks. An important point is the practical implementation of results of such analysis in intraday and mid-term trading. 

Moderator: Alexey Ashikhmin.  Portfolio manager and analyst. Alexey has an experience of active trading stocks and derivatives since 2012.  

Who will benefit from the webinnar: beginners and experienced traders, as well as anyone who is interested in the analysis of companies financial statements. 

Platform: Thinkorswim. 

During the webinar you will learn:  

  1. What are the types of reports issued by the companies traded at the US stock market.   
  2. What indicators should be taken into the consideration in the analysis of financial statements.   
  3. What conclusions can be made on the basis of such analysis.   
  4. Practical cases of fundamental factors influence on the stocks price.   
  5. Practical application of results of such analysis in intraday and mid-term trade. 

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