How to Grow More than BTC

We invite you to the closed webinar of Dmitry Bakhtin.

From the author: "In this webinar, I want to share some useful knowledge and trading features that I discovered in 2018. This has helped me to improve my trading results and will certainly help you."

The market is dynamic and as the classic said, "sometimes, in order to stay in place, you need to run at full speed."


What are we going to talk about?

1) Useful trading features I learned in 2018 and why you should also know them.

2) The mechanics of stability - what you need to do to ensure that your deposit grows steadily.

3) What leads to inevitable losses even if you are a top trader.

4) How I use multicharts.

5) What robots I use and what they do.

6) How to receive a lot of useful information from multicharts.

7) Examples.

8) Bitcoin. A little bit about the cue and correlations with the stock market.

9) Do the skills of the stock marketers work on the crypto market?

10) Questions and answers.


Note. Participation in a closed webinar is paid. The cost is $ 25.


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